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We are currently working on updating our website, if you have any questions please contact us. Thank you.

Redleg Tactical is a veteran own and operated business right here in the great United States of America.  All of our products are handcrafted to order.  We don't stock anything but currently have a 1-2 week turnaround.  That time is an estimate and not a promise.  If we have to order something in for your holster it may take longer but we normally get the orders out in a few days.  Since our items are handmade no two items are exactly the same but are crafted with great care and pride.  We thank you for looking around our site and look forward to building you a holster.  If you have any questions or are wanting something Kustom made that you do see on the site please contact us so that we can help you.


Redleg Tactical holsters and products come with a lifetime warranty.  We will fix or replace anything that has broken under normal wear and tear.  If you shoot it, light it on fire, run it over, or something else crazy you are on your own unless you send us a sweet video of the destruction then we may give you a discount on a new one.  If you have any fitment issues of your holster please get it back to us and we will fix it.  We want you to use our product and don't want it just sitting in a drawer. 


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    EDC Tactical  Belt M109A1 (OWB Kydex) M2A1 (Kydex Wallet)
    EDC Tactical BeltM109A1 (OWB Kydex)M2A1 (Kydex Wallet)

    Our belts are made with the best quality materials. The main part of the belt is made from two layers of 1.5" scuba webbing that is very stiff to provide you with the best support for carrying firearms. The 1" webbing is mil-spec nylon webbing...

    When you order a Redleg Tactical OWB holster you are get a holster that is crafted with pride from a veteran’s hands right here in the United States of America. You have many color, belt attachments, firearm, and firearm attachment options....

    This wallet is great for EDC.  It slims down your wallet from the traditional leather wallets.  This wallet will hold 0-5 cards and has a money clip to hold your cash.  Is available in any color. 




    M109A2 (OWB w/ Tek-Lok) M109A3 (OWB w/ Paddle) M109A4 (OWB w/ Level 2 Hood)
    M109A2 (OWB w/ Tek-Lok)M109A3 (OWB w/ Paddle)M109A4 (OWB w/ Level 2 Hood)

    These are made just like our M109A1 OWB holsters or can be made with a one piece of kydex, taco style. The Tek-Lok is a great belt attachment. It mounts securely to your belt and is adjustable to fit different belt sizes, it opens so you...

    These are made with a one piece, taco style, with a paddle so that you can easily remove your holster when needed. 

    Level 2 hoods can be added to any style of OWB holster and can come with any belt attachment that we offer. The hood that we use is spring assisted forward to allow for a faster draw. If ordered with a Tek-Lok, War-Lok, or paddle it can be made...




    M119A3 (Pocket Pistol Holster)
    M119A1 (Ultra Conceal Carry)M119A2 (Trigger Guard)M119A3 (Pocket Pistol Holster)

    For an IWB holster this is as small as it gets.  The holster covers and clips onto the trigger area and has a kydex clip that goes behind your belt and clips under the bottom of the belt. 

    These are great little holster for carrying in a backpack, purse, storing in a safe, glove box, or wherever else you want some added protection of the trigger. 

    Our pocket pistol holsters are made so that the pistol is full functional while in the holster. It allows for quick access and firing. What makes them so great is that they prevent your firearm from flipping around in your pocket or ejecting the mag when you don’t want it to.




    M119A4 (Pocket Pistol Holster w/ Mag) M119A5 (Trigger Guard w/ Barrel Cover) M198A1 (IWB Kydex)
    M119A4 (Pocket Pistol Holster w/ Mag)M119A5 (Trigger Guard w/ Barrel Cover)M198A1 (IWB Kydex)

    This pocket pistol holster is a little different than the other one we make.  It cannot be fired from the holster but it still has easy accessibility and holds a spare magazine. 

    These are great little holster for carrying in a backpack, purse, storing in a safe, glove box, or wherever else you want some added protection of the trigger. We offer two models of this, one covers the barrel and the other doesn't. This trigger...

    Our IWB holster are made to take us no more room then the firearm itself since the idea is to conceal it. We use one pieace of kydex to make the holster and offer a few different ways to kustomize it to your liking. You can pick the color, belt...




     Thank you for your support and business.  Please understand that we are a small business and do not mass produce anything, nothing is kept in stock but will be made as fast as we can.